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Your resume is blocked. It’s not you. It’s the Applicant Tracking Software.

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Why Intry Careers?
127 reasons why.

We reverse engineered applicant tracking systems and found 127 different reasons, including bias about why your resume gets blocked, and why you’re not getting interviews. 
Then we created software to fix the problem. 

You’re welcome.
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Our ATS Resumes will help you get more job interviews.

Did you know that 3 out of 4 resumes go unnoticed by employers due to applicant tracking systems? Don't let your resume get lost in the shuffle. With Intry Careers' patented resume optimization technology, you can beat the system and unlock more job interviews in less time.
Take control of your career with Intry Careers and experience the power of resume optimization today.
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Upload your existing resume or add the information manually to create a digital profile which will be used to create your ATS Resumes™️.

Build Your Digital Profile

Take the TrueYou™ Assessment to determine your strongest work characteristics and most compatible work culture. This short series of yes or no questions has no right or wrong answers. Your results will help you write your summary on your resume and prepare for job interviews.

Customize your ATS Resume for Each Job

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Pick from multiple professional resume templates, download your favorite design, and use your new ATS Resume™ to apply for jobs. Not only does the design look great, it is coded to get your resume past applicant tracking systems and into the hands of the hiring manager.

Take the Career Assessment

Upload your existing resume or add the information manually to create an ATS Resume using our ATS Resume™ Generator for each job you apply to: just copy a job description from any website and paste it into, which will automatically provide missing skills and keywords for you to add to your resume.
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" I've been applying to jobs for three months and received zero responses. After signing up with Intry, I got two job interviews in a week! "

- Lisa N.

" I got a new job within just a few weeks of uploading my resume to Intry and going through the optimization process. "

- Stevan M.

" I was told by my new employer that my resume was unique and stood out from the rest of the job applicants. Thanks, Intry! "

- Margaret K.

" It was very helpful and I had an increase in job interviews after making adjustments to my resume with Intry. "

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