Customize the best ATS resume for the job.

It is critical to customize your resume for every job you apply to. 

Copy and paste job descriptions from any job search website and Intry Careers’ ATS Resume™ Generator will automatically match missing skills and keywords from the job description into your resume. An easy resume builder that allows you to customize your resume and beat other applicants!

intry's resume generator

Intry identifies what your resume is missing.

Intry's job resume builder will automatically identify the important keywords in a job description that are missing in your resume. Then you can choose which of those keywords you want to add to improve to your resume. Improving your chances of getting past applicant tracking systems!


Customize your resume for every job.

It was very helpful and I had an increase in job interviews after making adjustments to my resume with Intry.

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I've been applying to jobs for three months and received zero responses. After signing up with Intry, I got two job interviews in a week!

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I got a new job within just a few weeks of uploading my resume to Intry and going through the optimization process.

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I was told by my new employer that my resume was unique and stood out from the rest of the job applicants. Thanks, Intry!

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It was very helpful and a great way to make my resume better.

- Katie S.

Very satisfied with the results that I received. Thanks!

- Curt I.

Thank you for my recent success in landing multiple interviews and a job. Intry helped me update my resume and list the skills that hiring managers want to see, and my resumes are still generating phone calls. Thank you again!

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I uploaded my current resume and used the Intry app to enhance my resume to get past applicant tracking systems and it worked great. Thank you for
helping me get a new job.

- Stephanie G.