Within Minutes of using Intry Careers, Goodwill Customer received a call

Goodwill's skills training courses provide valuable opportunities for young individuals to develop industry-specific skills. However, the challenge lies in translating these acquired skills into actual job opportunities. Intry Careers aims to address this issue by streamlining the job search process and ensuring job seekers' skills are effectively communicated to potential employers.

The young woman, having completed her phlebotomy certification, turned to Intry Careers to create her resume and upload it onto job websites. Within just 30 minutes of submitting her resume, she received a phone call from a prospective employer. This immediate response astonished both her and those involved in her journey. It became evident that Intry Careers had successfully bypassed the traditional resume "black hole" and enabled direct and efficient communication between job seekers and employers.

Intry Careers played a pivotal role in transforming the young woman's job search experience. By utilizing the platform's resume-building features, Intry Careers highlighted her relevant skills and translated her previous work experience into the phlebotomy field. This dynamic approach ensured that her resume stood out and effectively communicated her potential as a candidate, even without prior direct experience in phlebotomy. Intry Careers not only boosted her visibility but also demonstrated its ability to bridge gaps and showcase transferable skills.

This case study underscores the importance of addressing the visibility and recognition challenges faced by young job seekers. Intry Careers provides a platform where individuals can overcome the limitations of their networks and rely on the strength of their skills and potential. By breaking the cycle of invisibility, Intry Careers validates the worth and capabilities of job seekers, enabling them to compete on equal footing with candidates who have established networks and connections.

The collaboration between Intry Careers and Goodwill Southern Rivers has proven transformative for young job seekers, empowering them with the tools and opportunities to bridge the gap between skills training and employment. The case study highlighted the remarkable speed at which Intry Careers connected the young woman with job opportunities, validating the platform's efficacy in combating invisibility in the job market. Intry Careers continues to change lives by providing job seekers, regardless of their networks, with the chance to be recognized for their skills and potential, ultimately leading to fulfilling and successful careers.

Intry Careers, in collaboration with Goodwill, has emerged as a game-changing platform for job seekers, particularly young individuals seeking to enter the workforce. This case study focuses on a young woman who underwent skills training courses at Goodwill and utilized Intry Careers to secure a job in the field of phlebotomy. Her experience highlights the remarkable speed and effectiveness of Intry Careers in connecting job seekers with potential employers, bridging the gap between skills training and meaningful employment.