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Why is your resume being blocked?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software used by employers to manage and streamline the hiring process. It acts as a digital gatekeeper, helping employers handle the large number of resumes they receive for job openings.

When you apply for a job online, your resume and application often go through an ATS. The ATS scans and analyzes your resume, looking for specific keywords, skills, and qualifications that match the job requirements. It automates the initial screening of candidates, saving employers time. However, if your resume is not optimized for ATS compatibility, it could get overlooked or rejected.

ATS Resumes will help you get more job interviews.

Did you know that 3 out of 4 resumes go unnoticed by employers due to applicant tracking systems?

Don't let your resume get lost in the shuffle. Intry Careers' patented resume optimization technology helps you overcome this challenge. By aligning your resume with what ATS systems are looking for, you can increase your chances of getting noticed by employers and securing more job interviews.

With Intry Careers, you can navigate through the ATS obstacle and take control of your job search, unlocking more job opportunities in less time.

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Simplify Your Job Search with Intry Careers

Intry Careers simplifies your job search process with a range of user-friendly features designed to optimize your resume and enhance your chances of securing job interviews. Here's how it works:

Create your ATS Resume
Build Your Digital Profile

Create a digital profile by uploading your existing resume or adding information manually. This profile serves as the foundation for generating your ATS Resumes™, specifically tailored for applicant tracking systems.

Take the Career Assessment

Discover your strongest work characteristics and compatible work culture through the TrueYou™ Assessment. This short and straightforward questionnaire provides valuable insights to help you craft a compelling summary on your resume and prepare for job interviews.

Customize Your ATS Resume for Each Job

Easily customize your ATS Resume for each job application using our ATS Resume™ Generator. Simply copy a job description and paste it into the generator, which automatically identifies missing skills and keywords for you to add to your resume.

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Choose a Design and Download

Select from a variety of professional resume templates, pick your favorite design, and download your new ATS Resume™. These visually appealing resumes are not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimized to navigate applicant tracking systems and reach the hands of hiring managers.

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Helping you get interviewed faster for the job you want!

Don’t just take our word for it

It was very helpful and I had an increase in job interviews after making adjustments to my resume with Intry.

- Shaz M.

I've been applying to jobs for three months and received zero responses. After signing up with Intry, I got two job interviews in a week!

- Lisa N.

I got a new job within just a few weeks of uploading my resume to Intry and going through the optimization process.

- Stevan M.

I was told by my new employer that my resume was unique and stood out from the rest of the job applicants. Thanks, Intry!

- Margaret K.

It was very helpful and a great way to make my resume better.

- Katie S.

Very satisfied with the results that I received. Thanks!

- Curt I.

Thank you for my recent success in landing multiple interviews and a job. Intry helped me update my resume and list the skills that hiring managers want to see, and my resumes are still generating phone calls. Thank you again!

- Greg R.

I uploaded my current resume and used the Intry app to enhance my resume to get past applicant tracking systems and it worked great. Thank you for
helping me get a new job.

- Stephanie G.

Why Intry Careers?

127 reasons why.

We reverse engineered applicant tracking systems and found 127 different reasons, including bias about why your resume gets blocked, and why you’re not getting interviews. 
Then we created software to fix the problem. 

You’re welcome.

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How Intry Careers has helped real job seekers

Within Minutes of using Intry Careers, Goodwill Customer received a call

This case study highlights how Intry Careers successfully bridged the gap for a young job seeker by connecting her with a job opportunity within 30 minutes of submitting her resume.

Christopher's Military-to-Management Success with Intry Careers

Intry Careers empowered Christopher, a military veteran, to successfully transition into a general manager role at Chick-fil-A by translating his military experience into civilian language. This case study highlights Intry's effectiveness in bridging the military-civilian employment gap.

From Struggles to Triumph: John's Career Breakthrough with Intry Careers and Goodwill Southern Rivers

John's collaboration with Intry Careers and Goodwill Southern Rivers transformed his job search, leading to fulfilling employment. This success story highlights the power of collaboration in empowering job seekers and achieving career breakthroughs.


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