Resilient Jobs To Overcome The Covid-19 Unemployment Crisis

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Overcoming the Unemployment Crisis with Resilient Jobs

The Covid-19 pandemic led to an unprecedented unemployment crisis in the US, with several companies closing their offices and laying off employees. Many found themselves jobless due to their lack of technical abilities. As remote work has become the new norm, acquiring the right skills to work from home is crucial. Covid-19 has indeed reshaped our work dynamics, so if you're considering a career change, here are some resilient jobs that could help you overcome the unemployment crisis.

Software Engineer: A Robust Response to the Unemployment Crisis

Choosing to become a software engineer could be one of the best decisions you make during the unemployment crisis. Software engineers understand the intricacies of computer systems and can create a variety of digital solutions. This role necessitates staying up-to-date with new technologies and enhancing web and mobile apps by identifying opportunities for improvement. Often, software engineers lead team projects, making this role suitable for those with leadership skills.

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JavaScript Full Stack Developer: A Versatile Career Path

In 2020, demand surged for individuals with full stack development abilities, offering an effective response to the unemployment crisis. These professionals help companies design dynamic, attractive websites that not only retain customers but also gather valuable data. Full stack developers, particularly those skilled in JavaScript, can earn an average of $113,000 per year and work from anywhere.

Cybersecurity Engineer: Protecting Information and Job Security

Cybersecurity engineers play a critical role in ensuring companies' information safety, identifying software and hardware vulnerabilities to prevent cyberattacks. This high-responsibility role rewards well, with an average salary of $138,000 per year in the US. Flatiron School's cybersecurity program can help you stand out in this field.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Career Amidst the Unemployment Crisis

These career paths offer promising opportunities to overcome the unemployment crisis. However, before making a decision, it's essential to identify what motivates you. Whether it's catching cybercriminals as a cybersecurity engineer or creating new digital solutions as a full stack developer, remember that passion for your work is key to happiness in life.