Mental Health At Work: The Culture At Your Dream Job

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Jennifer Sethre

There might not be a worse feeling than realizing that after hundreds of applications and dozens of interviews, you’ve been hired for the right job… with the wrong company filled with the wrong people! How did this happen? Your first interactions with your manager and new coworkers were a bit awkward at first, but that’s fine, right? Not if it’s causing you stress, and anxiety.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Day, the Intry team can’t help but remind readers about the reality of taking the impact your work environment has on your mental health seriously. The WHO tells us that poor communication, management, and even low input on decision making in your work field are all factors that can put you at risk. Who knew? We did.

According to Courtney Seiter, the most common tactic used by companies for assessing cultural fit is a face-to-face interview. However, interviews tend to be a universal source of pressure and nervousness -- behaviors that might make for an unrealistic picture of an employee’s actual work style. Even taking into account multi-part or multi-hour interviews, these restricted interactions might not be enough to evaluate how a new hire will conduct themselves from 9am-5pm, 5 days a week.

With the current state of workplace diversity, some large employers are considering nixing the face-to-face interview altogether and implementing a “blind” hiring process which essentially strips away all information that could elicit bias, such as: gender, age, length of experience, graduation date, university name, and so on. What’s left is essentially a skills profile.

Imagine that!?! A world where job seekers no longer have to stress about all of these factors that do tend to elicit at least unconscious bias from recruiters and hiring managers. Think of the difference it would make for more employers to simply look at your skills and personality to assess “fit”. If these two critical components become the basis for hiring decisions vs XYZ prestigious school of obnoxious preppies, think of how different your experience at work would be.

Intry is ready for this important transition in the hiring process and already empowers users to take a close look at their skills and personality to ensure their true self is represented on their resume. Join us in spreading the word about the positive impact of “blind” hiring and prepare yourself at