Intry Announces Strategic Partnership With Yourself.Online

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Jennifer Sethre

What happened to the “human” in human resources?

Did you know that up to 70% of employers are using social media to screen candidates during hiring? Well, to the team at, that is no surprise. In fact, human resources and recruiting teams are increasingly relying on various technologies to streamline the hiring process, and this should be on the mind of anyone considering or searching for a new job. We’ve teamed up with Intry, a company working to optimize resumes to get the low-down on how employers are looking at your resume, and your presence online with automated tools as part of today’s job search. 

The first person to see your resume...isn’t a person at all 

When an employer posts a new job, they often expect to receive hundreds of applications. For any one person to sort through and determine who should move on to the next round, would be near impossible. Just reading through every application would be largely time consuming. As a result, human resources departments have relied on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter through resumes and  only advance candidates that fit within a certain criteria. On average, 75% of resumes never make it past these systems. "Our research has shown that only 1 in 4 resumes actually make it past applicant tracking systems and in front of Hiring Managers. There are 127 different reasons why these applicant tracking systems may not accept a job seeker's resume." - Jennifer Sethre

Intry is helping candidates get past ATS 

Despite the new technologies that companies are using in the hiring process, candidates can still overcome these obstacles. Our strategic partner, Intry, is helping candidates do just that. "Our priority is to eliminate all bias, increase candidate exposure in the hiring process and help connect job seekers to employers. Our patented resume technology is proven to help resumes get past applicant tracking systems and help job seekers get up to 240% more job interviews." - Jennifer Sethre. Intry’s proprietary tool uses AI technology to overcome the 127 reasons resumes get kicked out of applicant tracking systems. 

From ATS to Social Media Scraping: an easy transition 

Now that companies and HR departments are increasingly comfortable relying on ATS to review resumes, they have opened the door to other technologies too. While ATS is a significant component of a changing HR environment, don’t forget, this isn’t the only automated aspect of the hiring process. Companies are relying on tools to search your social media too. When hiring managers uncover negative content on your social media accounts, these old posts can cloud their perception of you or create assumptions about your reputation and qualifications. 

Check out our previous blog on what employers are searching for online and how they are using tools like Fama and Good Egg to do so efficiently. Your qualifications, ambitions, and experiences should be at the forefront when potential employers are reviewing your candidacy--not old posts and tweets. We have all been building our digital footprints for many years, and it is often time consuming and complex to track down all of your accounts, posts, and images. Despite how time consuming this may be, ensuring your social media accounts are a positive reflection of who you are, is a critical component of positioning yourself in the best light before submitting your application. 

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