Interview Mad Libs

Published by
Jennifer Sethre

The night before my interview, I reviewed _____ and _____ about the job, _____ at _____ , that I’m applying for. I also looked up a few important facts about the company: their _____, recent _____, and important______. I slept _____ hours, but this was/was not enough. On my way out the door, I almost forgot my ______!

During my interview, I kept a ______ demeanor, but almost _____ when asked a question I wasn’t sure enough about. My high point was talking about my outstanding ______ at my previous workplace, ________. When I mentioned my interest in ______, my interviewer was _____ to talk with me more about it. After they were finished asking my key questions, I asked the interviewer about ______ and _______  regarding the position I’m applying for. They were _____ to answer my questions. I could have improved my ______ during the interview, and/or my knowledge of _______.

After my interview, I made a note about my ______ and ______ moments to remember for next time. The next day, I sent a thank you-note via _______. Within ______ days, I followed up with the recruiter.