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Tailored Resume Services for Effective Job Matching

With Intry's Tailored Resume Services, enhance candidate quality and ensure accurate job matches, driving your organization's success to new heights.

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Intry leverages patented and robust technology to enhance the job application process, featuring our unique ATS Resume Generator™, job description matching, ATS Resumes™, and TrueYou™ career assessments. Our platform, grounded in a standard cloud-based MEAN stack and fueled by cognitive AI, is designed to unveil hidden factors in the hiring process, fostering a better connection between candidates and employers.Our proprietary rule-based algorithmic processing works tirelessly behind the scenes, interpreting data and learning the intricacies of candidate-employer matchmaking. This allows us to offer both White Label and Enterprise solutions that are user-friendly and don't require intricate backend coding or integration into existing legacy ATS or other HR platforms.

With Intry, customization is key. We offer our modules individually or as a comprehensive package, providing flexibility to meet your specific needs. Our scalable technology is ready to propel your hiring process into the future, optimizing connections and results.

Our Tools

Amazingly simple, innovative and brilliant software that is the catalyst of change to eliminate bias in the hiring process and increase qualified diversified candidate flow at all levels. This anonymized technology enhances candidate-employer matching based on skills, culture, potential, interests, experience, to find the right hire without considering race, gender, age, location or religion.

Our Bias Prevention AI Engine maintains uniformity across the entire Talent Acquisition process and increases qualified candidate exposure to the HR executive team by anonymizing their profile, assessment, and resume. Our AI engine uses patented proprietary models using a combination of NLP/NLU, machine learning, algorithms, text classification models to automate screening and matching, and mitigate human bias.


TrueYou™ Career Assessment

Determine your candidates strongest work characteristics with Intry’s TrueYou™ assessment. This several minute survey is quick and easy, simply click Yes or No for each question. Review results and match them to internal openings to ensure
candidate fit and increase retention ratio.

Hire more qualified and aligned candidate

Reduce overall churn rate & decrease burnout

ATS Resumes™

Eliminate bias by integrating Intry’s ATS Resume Generator™ tool will help counteract the effects of current ATS software, so a job candidate is not filtered out.

Eliminate existing bias in ATS system and across
hiring managers based on gender, zip code, name, &

Standardize resumes before your ATS system ingests
and sorts them

Hybrid Resumes™ are guaranteed to increase the
number of qualified candidates by up to 240%

ATS Resume
job matching

ATS Resume Generator™ Job Description Matching

Intry’s ATS Resume Generator™ tool will match important keywords within each job description and automatically populate suggested words for each inbound resume.

Better matched candidates based on the exact roles
that are being posted

Quickly weed out candidates who do not meet your requirements before ingestion into the ATS system saving time, money and man hours

Increase qualified candidates by up to 75%

Unemployment Verification

Intry’s unemployment tool allows employees (recently laid off, furloughed, released) to automatically update their weekly unemployment status and file directly with their local state.

Becomes a part of standard separation packages

unemployment verification

What Our Partners Have To Say

“We needed a network-wide solution that was simple to implement, provided tools for our internal career case managers and our placement teams. Intry not only increased our ability to provide faster and more accurate support but also empowered our user base with personal assessment and resume-building tools that are easy to use with just a mobile phone."

- Jennifer Tucker, VP Workforce Advancement, The Goodwill