With a Bleak Job Market, Intry is Helping Recent College Graduates Increase Their Chances of Landing Interviews

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Jennifer Sethre
Intry: A Game-Changer in Job Application for Recent College Grads

AUSTIN, Texas, May 13, 2020 (Newswire.com) - Facing record unemployment numbers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, recent college grads are in need of every advantage they can get to compete. Intry, human resources experts, takes a holistic approach to hiring, empowering potential job seekers to present the best version of themselves while navigating the restrictive applicant tracking software (ATS) that prevents over 75% of all resumes from being seen by a human being.

"My first piece of advice is to stay calm. Now is not the time to panic or feel desperate when searching for a new job. College graduates should use this time to reflect on the type of company they want to work for. There is hope, and there are still companies that are hiring. Intry is here to guide college graduates along the hiring process to help increase their chances of landing new career opportunities," said Jennifer Sethre, CEO at Intry.

"College graduates should keep in mind that what worked 60 days ago might not necessarily work today. The landscape for searching for a new job will be more competitive than ever before, and candidates should be mindful of what they are putting on their resumes. By signing up with Intry, college grads can increase their chances of landing interviews by 240 percent," Sethre added.

Introducing the Jobs2Resume Tool: A New Approach to Resume Writing

The proprietary Jobs2Resume tool custom tailors resumes to any job an applicant is looking for, no matter what the position may be. Simply copy and paste the job description into your profile. Based on what that job description entails, the Jobs2Resume tool produces a Hybrid Resume, populating suggested keywords from that description in order to maximize the chances of an applicant being selected during the hiring process.

The software is instrumental in helping college grads overcome the prohibitive ATS software that prevents a majority of qualified applicants from being connected with job recruiters. Intry's Hybrid Resumes are applicable for any third-party job board on the web.

Intry's Holistic Approach: From Resume Writing to Job Hunting

But for even greater visibility, Intry also supplies college grads with its own in-house job board. By creating a seamless, all-in-one experience to landing a new career, Intry is helping to create as many opportunities as possible for recent college graduates to overcome the challenges of the current job market and connect with potential recruiters.

Intry believes that college graduates have plenty to offer and shouldn't be held back by limited job experience. With their advanced tools, applicants can build a digital profile with all relevant personal information and experience or upload an existing resume. Their quick TrueYou career assessment helps applicants determine their strongest work characteristics and builds connections between skills that they didn't even know they had.

Intry encourages college graduates to explore the advanced tools that they have to offer and get the valuable guidance that can help them set a course towards finding a meaningful career versus finding a short-term solution to pay the bills.

Join thousands of people who have found their dream jobs fast by signing up today.

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