What does 240% have to do with getting an interview?

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Jennifer Sethre

Five minutes ago, you applied for a job. You’re excited. What you don’t know is that your resume only has a 25% chance of actually getting in front of hiring managers.

Hiring managers don’t have time to manually review thousands of applications. They rely on software, known as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which is usually (but not always) programmed to find “qualified applicants” using keywords and other mystery requirements found in the job description you read online. Your resume may look great, but 75% of resumes never get seen. Using Intry, you can increase the odds of getting your resume seen by 240%.

The issue is that there is no baseline for each ATS, so you’re up against custom rules and requirements across 10's to 100's of different systems. Overwhelming. If you have a cool resume with special fonts that can’t be read by these ATS’, you are deemed unqualified; your resume gets eliminated even if you are a perfect match for the job.

Sad. But we can help.

Intry has developed the first Hybrid Resume™ that works with all of these different systems with a much greater success rate than your average resume. 2019 is your year to take back the job search.

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