Can personality tests Really help you?

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Jennifer Sethre

Discovering the Real You with a Personality Test

Are you unhappy in your job? Do you job hop looking for that perfect fit? Do you find yourself thinking it’s them and not you? If you answered yes, then a personality test will be a HUGE help. Yes, we know, many “personality” tests can be entertainment - resulting in trusting them less. If you’ve taken the 16 Personalities tests, you clearly know how to game your MBTI. If you truly want to know, stop doing that. At Intry, we know that the right personality test is critical in your job search.

Leveraging Your Personality Test Results in Job Search

By narrowing down who you are through our image-based, quick assessment, find out what makes you tick, what sets you apart and how you can leverage the results of your personality test to find the career you want. Isn’t it worth a few minutes of your time?

What do you get out of it? You will find what motivates you, what sets you apart, and find what fits you best. You can find keywords that describe your personality and embed them in your resume. You can learn to look for your best work environment during your job search.

Avoiding Conflict and Boosting Confidence

See where you can avoid conflict: get a breakdown of what doesn't fit you. Use your strengths from the personality test to boost your confidence. Use the complements to refocus your efforts.

It’s a cheat sheet for your best career path. Your personality result unlocks the real you, the true you. Knowing your strengths can help you interview the hiring managers and find your best fit. Or you can keep being unhappy and wondering

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