Coronavirus Layoffs? A New Career Awaits

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Kelli Brewer With Deploy Care

Coronavirus Layoffs? A New Career Awaits

If, like many other Americans, you lost your job during the pandemic, things can look grim. But if you reframe the way you think about the pandemic, you’ll see that this is an opportunity. It’s a chance to reflect on what you want out of life and how you can best get there. It’s also the perfect moment to evaluate how you support yourself and your family, and to look for a new career that lends itself well to your mental and physical health.

Start Here

Your first step toward finding a new job is to evaluate your experience. Spend an hour or so jotting down your work history, education, certifications, and any accolades you may have received. Next, write a resume. Resume Companion says there are three basic types of resumes, and what you choose depends on your work history and goals.

You may not know yet what type of career you want to pursue. That’s okay. What is important is that you get to know your strengths, weaknesses, and explore your areas of interest.

A New Gig

It does not matter what you did before, there are plenty of options for mid-career job changes. A few of these include:

Dental assistant. A dental assistant is an individual that prepares a patient to be seen by their dentist. Job duties include everything from performing routine cleanings to taking comprehensive panoramic x-ray images. Becoming a dental assistant is different depending on which state you live in, with some areas requiring a license and others simply mandating on-the-job training.

Insurance sales agent. Another great job to pursue is insurance sales. This gives you a chance to help safeguard people’s financial futures. Keep in mind, however, that there are many insurance companies out there, and some are better than others to work for. You can read reviews on Indeed for more information from people who are intimately familiar with your company of choice.

Information technology. Cyber security engineer, code developer, and data scientist are all jobs that easily pay $100,000 plus per year. But just starting out, you're best off pursuing an entry-level support position. Train Ace asserts that many companies choose to insert IT staff from in-house employees. So even if you’ve been laid off, you may be able to reinsert yourself in the company that you loved but in a new position that allows you to grow. Increase your earnings potential by earning a degree in information technology where you can learn about networks, cloud foundations, data management, and much more.

Entrepreneurship. Starting your own business is also an option. As an entrepreneur, you would move forward in your career as the one in control. No matter what your expertise or interest, working for yourself gives you the freedom and power to make things happen. This is perhaps the riskiest of all options, but it’s also the one with the greatest rewards. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce to find out about possible business consulting services or mentorship opportunities in your area.

Losing a job is a scary situation. But you do not have to panic, because this may just be the reset button you need to kick your drive and determination into high gear. Whether you are pursuing a new job or want to branch out on your own, seize the day today so that you will be ready for whatever opportunity comes tomorrow.

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