Corporate Alliance for Diversity and Equity in Recruitment

Join us as we innovate integrated software to eliminate bias-driven hiring and employment decisions. Your voice and your pain points matter.

CADER is an alliance of businesses committed to leading their industries in the DEI function.

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Bias in HR technology,
active disengagement
and voluntary turnover
cost U.S. companies
more than $1.5 trillion per year.

Our Anti Bias Engine (ABE) is at the forefront of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) tech, and the Corporate Alliance for Diversity and Equity in Recruitment. CADER was formed to use ABE to eliminate bias in the hiring software companies currently use.

Our Anti-Bias AI Engine is the Solution to Implicit Bias

• We're ushering in the 4th industrial revolution with patented AI-powered anti-bias software that eliminates bias embedded in existing ATS software and hiring processes.

• The Anti-Bias Engine eliminates bias throughout the entire talent acquisition process and increases qualified candidate exposure to the HR executive team by anonymizing candidate profiles, assessments, and resumes.

• ABE finds bias triggers and anonymizes applicant data so that candidate-position matching is based only on skills, merit, potential, and experience to land the right hire.

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AI Powered Anti-Bias Engine

Anti-Identity Algorithm & Domain Knowledge
Specially trained AI models designed to avoid bias triggers from billions of data points.

Impartial Talent AI Engine
Advanced NLU models trained to normalize candidate data, deconstruct inherent bias and evaluate semantic & contextual relations to serve all industries.

Speed & Accuracy
We use the fastest processor on the market, which evaluates millions of documents and generates highly accurate predictions in seconds.

Scalable AI architecture designed to meet the ongoing demand with an uptime of 99.99%.

Real Change Happens When People Stop Talking and Start Taking Action

Can you afford not to pursue every avenue to eliminate bias in your hiring practices, increase innovation in your business and reduce risk?

The Corporate Alliance for Diversity and Equity in Recruitment places members at the forefront of AI-powered innovation to eliminate bias in their hiring process, putting people first.

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