Intry's TrueYou Assessment Helps Job Seekers Discover Where They Fit, Find the Best Job Match, and Define Their Own Career Path

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Jennifer Sethre

Intry is helping job seekers discover the best path forward towards their ideal career. Their TrueYou assessment is a quick, easy, and accurate career personality assessment tool that helps identify career choices that are the best fit according to each candidate. Through a quick, five minute questionnaire followed by a deep analysis of unique interests and individual characteristics, TrueYou is able to identify a candidate’s strongest work traits to help determine the most suitable career, tailored specifically to each individual.

Jennifer Sethre, founder and CEO of Intry, advises job seekers to use this time as an opportunity to reflect on what kind of career they want. “My first piece of advice is to stay calm. Now is not the time to panic or feel desperate when searching for a new job. During this time, reflect on the type of company you want to work for. There is hope, and there are still companies that are hiring.”

Unprecedented job losses and record unemployment as a result of COVID-19 are causing heightened levels of uncertainty and anxiety. Intry’s TrueYou assessment is helping to ease the concerns of job seekers, helping them discover who they are and get seen by the right people. Powerful tools enable candidates to create a custom profile along with a stunning resume to present their true self.

“What worked 60 days ago might not necessarily work today. The landscape for searching for a new job will be more competitive than ever before, and candidates should be mindful of what they are putting on their resumes,” adds Sethre.

Intry goes beyond looking for short-term solutions to solving unemployment. By asking profound questions and learning more about what each unique candidate has to offer, Intry is helping connect candidates to not just any job, but careers they deserve and will love for years to come.

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