How Intry's Resume Platform is Helping Furloughed Employees Land New Opportunities Faster

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Jennifer Sethre

AUSTIN, Texas, May 19, 2020 ( - A number of employers are facing the need to implement furloughs in response to the economic impact caused by the pandemic. Over 36 million people have applied for unemployment, and Intry is using its tools and expertise to help get job seekers back on their feet and back to work. Its suite of easy and affordable resume building and optimization tools are helping job seekers to increase their chances of landing interviews in this challenging time of unprecedented unemployment.

“Millions of Americans will be looking for work in the coming months, if not years, and it’s going to take every advantage for candidates to set themselves apart from the rest,” says Jennifer Sethre, Founder and CEO of Intry. “The software we offer at Intry helps job seekers identify personality traits and characteristics that will translate to their ideal career path. Finding the right job match and building your resume with that job in mind will help you discover a career that you love and is sustainable in the long term.”

Intry’s Jobs2Resume Creator is an easy and affordable way to help job seekers develop the perfect resume. Simply copy and paste any job description, and the creator will match it to a candidate’s profile and resume, creating a custom resume for each job applied to. This ensures that the appropriate keywords and phrases are strategically populated in your custom resume, ensuring that it meets the requirements set in place by applicant tracking software (ATS), which often is the reason most resumes never reach recruiters.

Intry’s exclusive Hybrid Resume templates utilize a patented formula that improves a candidate’s chances of being seen by up to 240%. With unlimited downloads and infinite customization, applicants can tailor each section to their liking and create as many beautiful, ATS-friendly Hybrid Resumes for as many jobs they apply to.

“We’re here to help applicants unlock their true potential and find long-lasting career success. Experience, skills, culture, and personality are powerful indicators of success, and everyone has something to offer. Candidates deserve to be seen, and our optimization tools are there to help job seekers present the best versions of themselves that will get them that visibility,” adds Sethre.

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